I'm "Asuna", a magical girl, (after I made a contract with the Kyuubey) and currently I'm lost in a fairy tale about magical girls!


Happy New Year!

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5 days for Christmas!

Day 5: Vectors

characters: random Yousei
series: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

available on pixiv!

5 days for Christmas!

Day 4: Colors

characters: Anarchy Stocking
series: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

available on pixiv!

5 days for Christmas!

Day 3: Gender bender

characters: Katsuragi Keima (with Yokkyun)
series: The World God Onlys Knows

Good idea, bad proportions… =_=’

available on pixiv!

5 days for Christmas!

Day 2: Dakimakura Christmas

characters: Natsuo Maki (with Daki♥)
series: Love Lab

available on pixiv!

5 days for Christmas!

Day 1: Lucky gift!

characters: Momiji (with Sakura)
series: Binbougami ga

available on pixiv!

For Mahora’s Drawing Race

Day 1: Aisaka Sayo

Not one of my favorites, but she’s cute!
I drew in a hurry and I was impressed by obtaining a good result!!! :D

Chibi Cure Blossom! (:
Made from this picture.

Yes, I intend to make the Cure Sunshine and Marine…
One day, one day…………………………………………………….


I was looking at pictures of Yayoi on tumblr and saw this art of the author of Ika Musume! Yes, I know she is old, but I had a sudden desire to paint it! XD

The image above is completed, below I show how I did.

1. Original art:

2. Edit - The whole image is transparent, leaving only the lines:

3. Coloring the image:

4. Add shadows to give depth to the image:

I only caught part of Hibiki with the piano is so cute!
It is a chapter of Suite Precure where she won her first musical instrument :3

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